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Welcome to Swartz Enterprise LLC!

We serve the Northern Wisconsin area with affordable heating.  We are an authorized Central Boiler dealer, and we provide installation and components. We offer everything to serve your outdoor boiler needs and our furnaces come with a 25 year limited warranty.

Central Boiler provides you the ability to:

Save money on heating

Become more energy independent

Eliminate or reduce your heating bills drastically

Greatly reduce your carbon footprint

Support the local economy

Turn your thermostat up

Heat your hot tub, greenhouse, or garage for free

Burning wood gives you the ability to either use your own energy source from your land, or allows you to support local loggers. Here in Northern Wisconsin, we have plenty of wood to burn; so, even those who buy it save a lot of money and the prices remain relatively stable because of this. Outdoor wood furnaces provide you the opportunity to control where your money goes rather than falling victim to soaring heating prices in the middle of winter.

Not only will you save money when purchasing an outdoor wood boiler, but you help save the environment. Wood, unlike gas, is carbon neutral. When you burn propane or natural gas, you are burning a form of carbon that has been preserved in the earth for thousands of years. It is being removed, burned, and released into the atmosphere where there is no way to easily trap it again and causes a net increase of carbon dioxide. If the wood was left to rot on the forest floor, the carbon would still be released into the atmosphere. Once new plants grow, they recycle the carbon released by burning.  By select cutting our forests, it improves its health.

Do you live in town where wood boilers are not allowed? Want the added benefits of burning wood but don’t want to have to split wood or fill it up every day? Still want to support the local economy and help the environment? Try our pellet burner!

Are Maxim outdoor pellet burner is perfect for you! With an eleven bushel hopper, and the option of a 48 bushel hopper, you can easily fill it up for a week or more for the average size home!  Some have even made their own attachments so they could fill it up for the whole winter!


No cutting, splitting, or stacking wood

Low cost heating

Low maintenance required

A fill will last several days or more

Heat all of your hot water, greenhouse, or garage

The Maxim still allows you to help the environment locally! A lot of the pellets found in this area are produced in Hayward, WI and are sold locally from small businesses!

So how doe this work?

Our outdoor furnaces will tie directly in to your hydronic heating system. It is really quite simple. The boiler will heat the water, send it into the house through thermopex (pex tubing insulated with waterproof, spray on urethane insulation surrounded by a shell) were it will directly heat your hydronic heating system. Then it will come back through the opposite line in your thermopex and back to the boiler to be reheated. It is recommended that you only put enough wood in to last 12 hours and refill it every 12 hours to get the most optimal burn with our wood boilers. Our pellet stove works the same way but can be filled completely because it has an automatic auguring system.